About Us

Oh Hey! Books is an online publication that focuses primarily on Middle Grade, Young Adult and New Adult titles. We, Ashley and her blog, present our readers wirth reviews, book tours, weekly memes, giveaways and so much more.

Now that you received the elevator pitch here is a more indepth look at both parties related to this publication.

Oh Hey! Books

Ashley launched Oh Hey! Books in August of 2018, the 6th to be exact. Ashley has an extensive blogging history starting the summer of 2009 when she decided to start up the book blog – Ashley’s Bookshelf – another YA website. The blog slowly died after college, work and life took over. Fast forward through the next few years and Ashley had created blog’s dedicated to product reviews and beauty. Once again life took over, passions changed and Ashley decided that now was a good time to rekindle her old passion for books, hence the birth of Oh Hey! Books.


Born in November 1990 and raised in a small Georgian county, Ashley always held a love for books, rather it be coloring books or chapter books. Throughout the years that love never died down, but unfortunately the only books she had time to dwell on were her textbooks. Jumping forth to right here and right now, Ashley is a dedicated traveling nurse who currently wanders all over the US working in various hospitals all while collecting and reading everything of the young adult variety that she can grasp. Now that life has slowed a bit, really, no. Now that her responsibilites are not quiet so demanding she has found time to create a fun little atmosphere that not only brings her joy, but hopefully brings others joy as well.

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